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Background of the Company

GDAR is an Award winning architectural / urban design consulting firm registered in Jordan with the Jordanian Engineering Association (Reg. No. 949) as a Class A Consultant since 1991, and in Ras Al-Khaimah with the Department of Economic Development and RAK Municipality as an Architectural Consultant "Class A" since April 2006. GDAR also is registered with the Ministry of Public Works at UAE as an A / E Consultant since Sep 2006.

GDAR offers a wide range of services. It spans from space planning and programming, conceptualizing and producing architectural designs, planning and urban design and engineering designs related to the in-house projects. The Group also produces 3D visualization and renderings.

GDAR is operating in several places including Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and UAE. Types of projects include mixed use developments, high rise developments, residential and commercial developments, and educational as well as health care projects.

GDAR employs high caliber qualified professionals. The size of the firm varies from 25 to 30 including 15 architects, 5 engineers, 4 CAD operators, and support technical and administrative staff.

Organization Structure and Management Executives of the Company:

The founders and shareholders of GDAR are 2 architect - graduates of MIT in 1989 with S.M.Arch.S degree, each holds 50% shares of the company.


-Tawfiq Abu Hantash, SMArchS ’89, MIT, B.Sc Arch ’83 from U of Jordan.

(US Citizen) operating as a Design Principal as well as the Managing Director of the Group.

-Mohammad Khaled Zaghmouri, SMArchS ’89, MIT, B.Sc. Arch ’81 from U of Jordan (Jordanian Citizen) operating as a Design Principal as well as the Design Director.

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